Clever Routines

It’s not exactly ironic that I’m reviewing this app at a time in my life when almost all of my routines have been completely disrupted outwith my control — but it sure is something. If I find out what, I’ll let you know.

Clever Routines is a new app that professes to “keep you on top of good routines.”

Overall, I really like it. This is one of the occasional apps I find that I would love to use, if only I didn’t use Omnifocus. Much like another app I reviewed recently, Begin, this is an app “for normal people without nerdbrains who just want to get some stuff accomplished”.

It’s simple and straightforward, and it doesn’t try to get too much done. You can choose how much the app bugs you about your routines, ranging from not at all to persistent nagging. Scheduling a routine can either be flexible (twice-weekly, six times a month, etc) or else it can be exact (2:30pm on Wed the 19th).

Once you figure out the interface (which I found a tiny bit unintuitive at first, although it does use a lot of common swipes to let you do things — pull down to create a new item, for example) it’s extremely easy to add a new routine, and even easier to check off that you’ve accomplished something (just swipe left to right). You can also reschedule routines till later if you swipe left to right.

There are a hundred different apps that do similar things to this. But the beautiful interface and ease of use of routines would make it my go-to if I was looking to get serious about managing routines. Right now it’s only $.99.