Delivery Status Touch: Big iOS 7 Update

One of my absolute favorite apps, Delivery Status Touch, just got a great update for iOS 7. Not only is it redesigned to look all new and shiny, there’s also a raft of new features.1

Here’s some of what’s new:

  • Background notifications. This is a gimme, but it really improves this kind of app.

  • Calendar support. It can now add delivery dates to your calendar. I don’t have to add things by hand to my “Environment” calendar any more.

  • Search. If you’re Mr Shippy McShipperson and you have a whole bunch of deliveries you can search amongst them.

  • Archive. Now you can look back fondly and remember the day that something was delivered.

There are a lot more improvements and added functionality. I’m very impressed.

If you ever have things delivered, just get this app already.

  1. That’s right, a raft. These features are floating towards you across the Pacific.