Observations From A Tipless Restaurant

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The Linkery’s most transgressive act was not in implementing a service charge. Our most transgressive act was refusing to allow our guests to pay our servers anything more beyond the service charge — this is where the angry came out. A certain small number of very vocal men (and it was always men who were vocal about it) resented that we were not letting them try to exercise additional control over our team members. This was true even though compelling research has shown that servers do not adjust quality of service as a result of tips; instead the idea that the restaurant was not offering our servers up as objects of control, was heresy.

Part 1 of a fascinating series of posts on what happens when you eliminate tipping altogether.

Spoiler alert: Better service, better food.

I’ve been struggling with the whole tipping system since I moved to the States a couple of years ago. You just have to learn how to do it if you live here. It’s part of the culture.

I finally figured out how much to tip, but there always seemed to be something illogical about it. Does it really affect the quality of service you get? This series of posts will really challenge your preconceptions of the value of tipping.