Paperback — A clean and simple way to read Pinboard articles later

Today marks the public release of Paperback, a companion service to the bookmarking service Pinboard. It presents everything you’ve tagged with “Read later” in a minimal way, and parses articles for reading similar to the way Instapaper works.

A few months ago when its creator Nick Wynja mentioned he was looking for some help beta-testing it I jumped at the chance. I’ve been using it since then pretty much every day — and it’s become indispensable.

What Paperback does is really no-frills. It’s simple and effective, and it’s completely replaced anything I was using Instapaper for. I am not a fan of “magazine layout” content aggregators, or other things that let complicated design get in the way of the content. In most cases I would like to get to the words as quickly as possible: I might only have a few moments to read something. That said, I think Nick has done a great job of creating something beautiful to look at whilst keeping it minimal and content-centered. There are three different font choices: serif, sans serif, and monospace. See if you can recognize which fonts each uses.

Paperback has some great keyboard shortcuts built-in which make it super quick to navigate amongst articles. You can access those by pressing Shift-? and they cover pretty much everything you’d want to do while using it.

Once I’m done reading I often want to tag articles as I archive them, and that’s easy to do:

I think Nick has plans to create a companion app for Paperback, but right now in lieu of that I have it saved as a home screen icon on my phone.

You can read more about Paperback in this post on the Paperback blog, or go to the site to sign up for $15 a year. (Requires a Pinboard subscription.) I highly recommend it for anyone looking to simplify their reading workflow, or even anyone interested in getting a reading workflow.