Choice Work — A single-serving podcast

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Jason Rehmus of Sweating Commas and I (of here) got together to brew a one-off podcast. We talked about working for the Man, following your dreams and doing what you love. Do you choose your work… or does it choose you?

He’s an old hand at the podcasting game, but this was my very first time recording. It was — honestly — even more fun than I thought it would be.

Show notes and links

I Started a To Do List for You | Garrick van Buren

A simple cartoon by a man named Garrick.

The tweet that started it all — HC Marks

Do What You Love? A Debate. (with tweets) — Storify

A more or less full picture of the discussion as it happened on Twitter.

Justifying One’s Right to Exist — J.D. Bentley

This essay by J.D. Bentley is extremely apposite.

So Good They Can’t Ignore You — Cal Newport

The Great Discontent: Merlin Mann