First thoughts on the new Squarespace apps

Today Squarespace unveiled two new iOS apps, which will take the place of the previous app. This is great news for anyone using Squarespace (who has an iOS device.) The previous app was pretty but buggy and mostly superficial, and I know that for many the difficulty of posting to a Squarespace site from mobile was something that put them off or even prompted them to leave.

It’s an interesting decision to split the functionality up between more than one app. I’m a fan. I have a few first thoughts about both apps:

Squarespace Blog

As you’d expect from Squarespace, the visual design of the app is impeccable. The previous app looked great too, but where this builds and improves on what went before is in responsiveness and functionality.

Creating posts is a completely different experience. Two big annoyances are gone: you can now edit post URLS, and you can create link posts.

Get it here.

Squarespace Metrics

The Metrics app has the same level of polish. Not only that, it has a vastly increased amount of detail.

Statistics has frequently been a bit of a sore spot with Squarespace and its customers. They still refuse to provide RSS stats, forcing you to use an external service if you want to know how many subscribers you have. Recently they revamped their statistics systems internally, which seems to have been done in tandem with the development of this app. Overall it’s a great improvement.

Get it here.