My One-Item 2013 Gift Guide

Slippers. The quintessential christmas present for any male relative older than 16. A man with a large extended family could receive enough of these over the course of his lifetime to warrant an entirely separate house just for slippers. Like socks on birthdays, they’re the ultimate faithful fallback.

Let me disrupt the “planned obsolescence” of this mini-industry by introducing you to a pair of slippers that are so great, you won’t ever want to wear any others.

This is the Muk Luks Neal Slipper. (In case you’re wondering, you do get two when you order them: one left and one right. They are also available in grey.)

I got mine for Christmas one or two years ago, and I’m still enamored with them. What’s so great about them?

  • They have a solid, comfortable waterproof sole which means you can walk right through the puddle of melted snow by the door and not worry about it.

  • The suede heel-reinforcement means you don’t wreck the back of them like you have with every other slipper you’ve owned.

  • They are incredibly comfortable: the lining keeps them snug on your feet and they don’t slip around (ironic, I know.)

  • They’re warm, but very breathable, which means your feet don’t perspire. They are modeled after boots worn by Arctic Aboriginals, so you know they are not just a fashion statement.

Honestly, if you can’t think of what to get someone, get them these. They won’t be disappointed.

Well, no guarantees, if you built them up to expect a Playstation or something like that they might be a bit disappointed.

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