Pod Wrangler

This Sunday we spent a lot of time fixing up things around the house — putting up curtain rails and pictures, cleaning, moving boxes. So I had a lot of time to catch up on podcasts that I had missed over the past while. Now that my commute is only five minutes, it takes me quite a long time to listen to even one episode of a podcast.

So it’s mildly frustrating that so soon after I run out of commute time to devote to podcasts, someone puts out a podcatcher that’s perfect for listening in the car.

I’m talking about the recently released version of Pod Wrangler which includes the fantastic “on-the-go” view, something I’ve been yearning after for years.

Until now I’ve never seen an app that looked this good, worked this well, and synced with some desktop solution whilst also allowing you to pause podcasts or skip forward without almost crashing your car. The on-the-go view is also a little bit clever: it can be set to appear depending on how you’re listening to the audio from your phone… and also whether you’re running or driving if you have an iPhone 5s.

Yes, I bet there are lots of apps that have an on-the-go view like this, but Pod Wrangler has a lot more to recommend it, including:

Time will tell, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this app kicked Instacast off my home screen. My only complaint is that the developer David Smith didn’t go back in time to make this app. My dilemma now is simple: should I switch jobs, or move further away from my current one?