Service: Safari selection to clipboard as Markdown Quote

I’m very grateful for Brett Terpstra’s Markdown Service Tools, a collection of Mac OS X system services that “make creating Markdown-formatted text that much easier”.

I’ve found it necessary to create a couple of my own, following in Brett’s footsteps. Here’s one that grabs the selected text in Safari and copies it to the clipboard in a Markdown blockquote format with a preceding link. It comes with the usual disclaimer of ugliness and inelegance, but it gets the job done.

Safari selection to clipboard as quote:

Copies the current selected text to the clipboard as a blockquote, with a preceding link for the material in markdown.

Markdown Service
Tools Appendix

To install a system service, copy the file to the ~/Library/Services folder, then enable it in the Keyboard Shortcuts preference pane in System Services. At this point you can also allocate a keyboard shortcut to activate the service.