Add multiple Omnifocus actions at once using Drafts

Drafts just updated today to version 3.0. There are a whack of new features but one that I’m most interested in is the new “list in Reminders” action. It makes it easy to add multiple actions to Omnifocus without requiring Pythonista. Here’s how.

  1. Make sure that Omnifocus is set up to import from a specific list in Reminders in your Omnifocus settings. My Omnifocus list is called “Bucket”.

  2. Write a list of actions in drafts, making sure to have the name of the right Reminders list as the first line, preceded by a @, #, or ! to tell Drafts which list to add the tasks to. Invoke the “List in Reminders” action.

  3. Next time you open Omnifocus all these actions will be added to the inbox. You might want to use Daniel Jalkut’s Reminders Import to make sure they get added on the Mac if you don’t open your iPhone Omnifocus as much.