Drafts to Omnifocus multiple actions URL scheme

Reader Mike Moody was kind enough to write with the next logical progression in the Drafts to Omnifocus multiple actions workflow.

This URL action will save you from having to write the name of your Omnifocus-syncing reminders list at the top of every set of actions you want to send over:


The URL action specifies which list to pass the items to, (“Bucket”, in my case) which allows you to continue using a specific Reminders list for Omnifocus syncing, and another for day to day miscellany.

If you want to go to Omnifocus right away after you’ve sent those actions over, to make sure that they synced right, just add an x-success of omnifocus://:


I was just sitting down to write this when I noticed a very similar tip from Nick Wynja. His URL doesn’t pick a Reminders list, but is basically the same thing apart from that. As he notes, (and I’ve spent 20 minutes independently confirming…) there’s no way to get Omnifocus to open the Inbox using a URL action. Oh well.