Managment ≠ Leadership

Back to Work #115: Invitation to a Blame Party:

“In my experience a lot of managers are looking upwards, rather than downwards, a lot of times. They may understand that they are acting as an intermediary between the people who work for them and the people who work above them…but you’re also, really, I think you tend to be most interested in solving problems in the way that you’re used to and taking the power, the tacit or implicit power that you’ve got and exercising it in the way that works for you.

Which is not leadership — that’s just being bossy. There’s a big difference.

Leadership is making people want to do what you do because you have credibility and track record and have a shown ability to produce things that are awesome…

To me there’s a big difference between management and leadership, and there’s a big difference between management and just being bossy and pedantic.”

My favorite episodes of Back to Work are the ones that begin with a half hour of an ineffable something that falls between mild aphasia and an inadvertent Radiolab episode — then sort-of backhandedly segue into being very helpful. What a great episode this was.