Omnifocus Perspective to Status Board (Script)

EDIT: Nick has updated his version of this to use ofexport, which is a better way of doing this without Omnifocus having to be open.

I was keen to get my Omnifocus “Today” view on Status Board but it seemed a little hacky and time consuming. The one option I saw called for Python and Terminal, and I balked. Then I stumbled across Nick Wynja’s Status Board Git repository, where he outputs a slightly different Omnifocus perspective for use in Status Board.

I butchered his applescript a little, for my own purposes, and eliminated the need to deal with the php side of it. All you need to do with this is run it in automator, outputting the result to a text file located in your Dropbox, then get the public download link of that file and plug it into status board. It’ll display a table of all the actions in whichever perspective you specify (mine is set to Today-all, you will probably need to change this). You can use Lingon or launchd to schedule it to run. Feel free to leave the image I’m hosting in the applescript.

If anyone has any suggestions for improvements (I imagine there are a good few that could be made) let me know!


  • Don’t run it too often, as it sets your Omnifocus view to the perspective you specify, and that could be annoying if you’re actually working in Omnifocus when it happens

  • It works best with perspectives that are set to “Ungrouped”

Update: I’ve added in couple of lines that display a friendly message when you’ve blasted through all those tasks!

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