Quick FTP screenshots with TinyGrab

It’s always sad when something cool that you like just stops being developed. It’s even sadder when you only find it after that point — or in the middle of it happening. The potential trauma I’m dealing with right now stems from TinyGrab, a menu bar app that does a couple of simple things without any fuss:

  • Uploads screenshots automatically via FTP or to Amazon S3 or Rackspace.

  • Copies the FTP url to the clipboard.

  • Copies the images to a separate folder (you can do this via a terminal command, but not everyone loves to live in the terminal)

I was delighted when I found it (after some amount of digging through rubbish), but it has a weird quirk: it always crashes the first time. The second time it works fine, after you restart it. (I restart it automatically using Lingon so I just have to take every screenshot twice.)

I’d contact the dev on twitter, but the twitter account is updated with a regularity that’s the epitome of desultory. It’d almost feel rude to disturb their peace just to loudly complain about my small problems. I don’t get the impression that they’re really super invested in maintaining the app.

Regardless of the minor inconvenience of having to do everything twice, this is still one of my favorite, most used apps. I’ll keep using it until I either write a script to do this using Hazel, until someone tells me of a better option, or until it finally stops working for good and fades silently into the bleak darkness of “sunsetted” apps.