Airmail: new email application for OS X

I’ve been messing around with new email application Airmail. I never really used Sparrow, but apparently it’s the spiritual successor to Sparrow. There are a few immediate pros that I’ve discovered so far:

You can use gmail shortcuts

Just when I’d finally gotten used to Mail shortcuts, along comes Airmail and lets you use all your Gmail shortcuts. I was surprised to find how much my hands remembered them. JKJKJK!

Dropbox files

The app comes with built in Dropbox support. Awesome. I use Droplr with a custom domain for sharing large files over email, but this is a great way to quickly share things that are too big to email as attachments.

Instant access to your email

After waiting literally days for Mail to download the combined tens of thousands of messages in two Gmail Apps accounts, I was flabbergasted at how fast Airmail gets into it. I’m not sure whether it’s a great thing to not have offline copies of mail, but I find that the times I spend without an internet connection are few and far between. Plus when I don’t have an internet connection, why would I want to check mail? I’ll probably be sobbing quietly in a corner somewhere.

Menubar icon quick switch

Clicking on the menubar icon switches you between Airmail and the previous application. Nice for referring back to an email whilst doing something else, or referring to a website whilst writings some mails. Just a small touch, but it shows an underlying good design philosophy that makes me feel good about the rest of the app.


There are some useful filters built into the interface. I love filters!

The only thing that would stop me using this all the time is that it doesn’t have proper Applescript support yet, so I can’t hack together a proper Omnifocus clipper for it. Looks like the developer is going to do this at some point, and when that happens I can see myself going steady with Airmail.

It’s only a couple of bucks, which is just a silly price for a great app like this. Worth trying to see if it fits for you.