Big Ice Cubes (and salt)

Big ice cubes - All this:

If you needed proof that you shouldn’t take physics advice from a bartender (excuse me, mixologist), this would be it. No, you can’t control the rate of dilution with big cubes any more than you can with small cubes. Thermodynamics is in the driver’s seat in both cases—you’re just in a sidecar, along for the ride.

Classic Dr. Drang.

He forgot, however, to mention the most important reason for not using giant ice cubes. If you’re particularly thirsty, you’ll could break a few teeth when you finish your drink and the giant cube smashes into your face.

The significant cooling comes from ice’s heat of fusion, which is a whopping 80 cal/g. This is what pulls heat out of your drink and lowers its temperature.

This is why it’s possible to cool your drink super fast by putting it in a bowl of ice-water and adding a handful of salt. The salt increases the speed at which the ice melts, pulling the heat out of your drink much faster.

So crying into your drink is a good way to make it a little colder.