ikkabod - Publish iCloud calendars that everyone can subscribe to

I’ve spent almost all of my free time over the past couple of weeks working on scratching an itch that I’ve had for a while: being able to share my iCloud calendars with people who use Google Calendar, and also being able to share a version of the calendar which is just Free/Busy — so people know when I’m available, but not what I’m doing.

There used to be easy ways to do this, for example: using BusyCal, you used to be able to publish iCloud calendars to Google. This functionality has (sadly )been deprecated.

I worked my way through failed solution after failed solution, every dead end making me more determined to actually succeed. I annoyed the hell out of my wife by constantly sneaking back to my laptop to tweak something.

My first attempt was to try working with Yahoo! Pipes, as that’s the solution I’d seen bandied about the most. I even got so far as thinking I’d solved the problem:

Share Free/Busy and Public iCloud Calendars - sidoneill.com

SPOILER ALERT: It doesn’t really work. It ignores recurring events and it’s more skittish than a randy donkey if you’re trying to subscribe to it via Google. Yahoo! Pipes has some bizarre way of parsing ical information that basically renders it useless. Plus… how much do you really trust that Yahoo! Anything is going to be around even 6 months from now?

I cranked through a half dozen other inadequate solutions.

And so I came, at last, to my final solution, as it were…

ikkabod is a little app that I’ve created which solves the problem above. It doesn’t do it very stylishly, yet, and it might not even work that well for everyone, but I’m satisfied for now. I’ve already got a lot of ideas for how to improve it.

If this sounds like a problem you’ve been having, I’d love if you’d download it and try it out, and let me know of any bugs, comments or suggestions you have.

Check out ikkabod here.