In which it feels pretty good to be grandfathered in

Today marked the first time I’ve ever been “grandfathered in” to anything. I’ve missed a number of grandfatherings, some by mere weeks — the closest I ever came was almost getting slightly cheaper data on my cellphone.

Let me tell you, it feels pretty great. There’s no sense to it: I’m not getting any more for any less. There’s just an indescribably delicious sense of having Won, somehow.

Today Yahoo!, as if they hadn’t made enough tech headlines already this week, went ahead and introduced a giant upgrade to Flickr1.

The main changes:

  • Free accounts now get a terabyte(!) of space

  • It looks awfully pretty

There are two new account tiers, which replace the old Pro accounts:

  • Ad Free: $49.95, no ads

  • Doublr: $499.99, 2 terabytes of space

Recurring Pro accounts get to continue their subscription, meaning you get unlimited space and basically anything good that’s going. For about $25 a year.

I also got (somewhat snarkily, if it’s not my imagination) prompted to upload a higher quality profile picture. I am not sure if they are complaining about resolution, or just my looks:

Sign up for one of the free Flickr accounts here.