Instacast for Mac 1.0 available

Today Instacast for Mac became available for purchase. I’ve been enjoying the Beta for a few weeks, and I’d recommend it highly, especially if you already use Instacast on your iOS devices.


Instacast for Mac takes everything that was great about the iOS version and transfers the experience to your Mac. This means that you can expect to manage your podcast collection with ease, enjoy hassle-free playback, quickly download your favourite episodes, interact with your podcasts and synchronise your entire library with Instacast Cloud.

What I love about Instacast on the Mac is that it gives me a good way of listening to podcasts when I’m at home or at work. As the list of podcasts I listen to has broadened I’ve far exceeded the listening time I have available in the car. It’s bad for battery life to have your phone playing back podcasts all day long.

I’ve tried using the podcatcher on the Apple TV, but it isn’t up to much, doesn’t let you access show notes, and doesn’t sync well with other devices. Instacast for Mac allows you to play over AirPlay.

Well worth getting, especially as there’s a $5 discount till May 31st.

Available to buy on