Jawbone UP / IFTTT / Drafts (Weight)

Yesterday Jawbone announced their new API for the Jawbone UP. Unfortunately you can’t poke right into the data collected by the bracelet, but it does now connect with IFTTT (amongst other, less interesting services.) Previously, such as when I graphed my sleep info, users had to download a cdv file from the Jawbone website.

Here’s an IFTTT recipe that will let you quickly email yourself your weight and have it pop into your UP timeline. I also have a corresponding Drafts action, if you’d like to further streamline the process.

**IFTTT recipe**
**Drafts action**


Install Weight UP action in Drafts

Requires Gmail, Jawbone Up channels.

You’ll need to change the email address to your own.

[Insert here your own arch comment about how fiddling with IFTTT isn’t going to make anyone lose weight…]