Please re-leash your Mating Intelligence

Turns out that lying about how much money you make helps you do well in the short-term dating scene, but poorly in longer-term relationships.

Who knew?

“Mating deception” is the sort-of-scientific term referring to “the practice of strategically exaggerating one’s reproductive fitness in order to improve the odds of finding a mate”.

The Atlantic:

Geher and Kaufman argue in their book Mating Intelligence Unleashed that some of the greatest damage from mating deceptions, both individually and communally, comes from the status-enhancement of overspending.

“The lifeblood of the financial credit industry … is helping people purchase things they cannot afford,” they write. “Overspending may act as a false signal of wealth, and although it is a false signal, sometimes this deception is effective. In fact, given how core deception is in human mating, it seems clear that overspending has become a modern form of false signaling, or mating deception.”

The whole idea of “The Game” being such an integral part of society is repellent to me. There’s always1 been rituals around getting two people together, but it’s easier now than ever to mis-represent yourself.

I mean, there’s something called The Seduction Community now, for crying out loud. It’s a Community! For Seduction!


Well, I won’t be reading Mating Intelligence Unleashed. I guess I’m one of the fortunate few that scraped by with no money but considerable personal charm…

  1. Since the “hit with club, drag away by hair” days, anyway.