is now Crate of Penguins

As you might have noticed, the name and address of this site has changed. Instead of, it’s now Crate of Penguins.

All of the original links to still work, as do the RSS feeds, etc. There is a new twitter account which will take over posting links from here.

Why change the name?

I thought long and hard about this.

  • I wanted to get a little distance from my name — to focus the site a little more away from my “personal brand”1.

  • I also wanted something a little less me-centric in case I want to have guest posters in future.

  • I wanted a name that was succinct and deliberate: something that would alert the casual visitor to the site’s main topics.

Eventually I threw all my noble goals to the wind and settled on Crate of Penguins.

At least you might remember it.

If you’ve been following for a while, you’ll notice that I’ve settled into a fairly settled regularity of posting, and this won’t change. If there’s anything you’re particularly interested in seeing on here, feel free to drop me a line.

Thanks for reading — I really appreciate it!

  1. I know, I know…