Stephen King's next book won't come in electronic

Stephen King’s next novel won’t have an electronic version:

But, in a retro move, King has announced that his next novel, Joyland, will be available in print only! That’s right. I never saw that coming. Independent publisher, Hard Case Crime, the company that published King’s The Colorado Kid in 2005 (the basis for the SyFy channel television series “Haven”), will publish Joyland on June 4th in print only.

It’d be easy to read too much into this, or see it as the turn of the tide against electronic, and back to paper. Thing is, King has enough money and a big enough name (there aren’t much bigger) to do this.

It wouldn’t make sense for Joe Unpublished to do the same. Only the biggest can afford to completely ignore giant chunks of the book market.

Still, it’s a nice idea, even if it means that you’ll have to turn to Amazon instead of the iBookstore. A book with a pulp cover like this deserves to be read in paperback!