Links of the week

Dumb Ways to Die

Gruesome but hilarious. [via One Foot Tsunami]

Set Your Desktop the OS X Mavericks Wallpaper (and Other Giant Waves)

Who cares where they’re from, some of these wallpapers are brilliant.

ProCSSor - Advanced CSS Prettifier

Simple tool to prettify your CSS. (All right, you should be doing this anyway, but it sure helps if you end up with a 400 line CSS that you kinda hacked together. Not that you would ever do that.)

611 - Our One-Continent World: Pangea (Political) | Strange Maps | Big Think

Long live Pangea!

The Deleted City 2.0

The Deleted City is a digital archaeology of the world wide web as it exploded into the 21st century. At that time the web was often described as an enormous digital library that you could visit or contribute to by building a home-page. The early citizens of the net (or netizens) took their netizenship serious, and built home-pages about themselves and subjects they were experts in.