Links of the week

Bullets Precisely Split in Half - Imgur

This really scratches my Incredible Cross Sections itch.


Pushpin 2.0: A Powerful Pinboard Client for iPhone

This looks great. I think being able to specify the tags in the URL scheme is especially helpful. I often know exactly what tag I want to put on something (these link posts are generated automatically from a Pinboard tag) and so not having to type it in every time, especially on the iPhone, is handy.

Map of Mobile Devices Using Twitter

Very pretty. Looks like no one in Spain has an iPhone.

Recipes | World Aeropress Championships

I bet this is some great tasting coffee. For reference, here’s my own Aeropress recipe:

  1. One or two fingers of espresso-ground coffee on top of pre-dampened filter.

  2. Pour in some hot water, stir. Pour in a bit more and put the top bit on.

  3. Wait two minutes then push it down into the cup.

  4. Chuck some more hot water in, maybe some milk on top, bit of sugar.

  5. Slurp away!

Russell Brand on MSNBC Mocking Media

Wasn’t sure who to empathize with until the male host pulled out the “I have no idea what he’s saying,” line that I’ve heard a few hundred times since I got to the US. I genuinely have no idea why people don’t realize it’s rude to complain about someone who’s present like that.

Get Mac Apps - Install Multiple Apps With Ease

This is pretty sweet, and sure beats working through a text file full of download links, which is my method.

via Gridwriter