Links of the week

How The Mainstream Media Stole Our News Story Without Credit

In contrast, a traditional media outlet typically does not document how a story came to life. It’s all a mystery. News just seems to emerge magically out of thin air in the middle of a newsroom. Or, it’s down to all those hard-working reporters out there defending democracy despite newspapers earning less these days because of all those rip-off bloggers.

Interesting look at how news flows (and how it’s obfuscated by publications looking to garner a little more credit for themselves).

Mobile Web Problems and How to Avoid Them

37% of all visits to this site last month were from mobile devices. You really can’t afford to only design for the big screen any more.

TED-Ed | An anti-hero of one’s own - Tim Adams

I’ve been thinking about anti-heroes a lot recently. This short animated video is fun and thought-provoking look at the genesis and ideal of the anti-hero.

Why This Vintage He-Man Action Figure Still Smells Bad 30 Years Later | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

This would have lasted about 5 minutes in my house, I’m guessing.

Why Tipping Should Be Outlawed - Esquire

Took me forever to figure out tipping when I got to the US. I see the benefits, but I think they’re overshadowed by the ridiculous negatives of a tipping culture.