Restore trashed files with Dropbox (nvALT)

nvALT 2.2b 106 -

Dropbox made a change in the last 6 months that can cause nvALT to trash your notes. Again, this only affects users who run nvALT simultaneously on multiple macs, synced thru Dropbox. If this means you, you can prevent this by quitting nvALT whenever you leave your mac. You should only have nvALT running on 1 mac at a time. We fully intend to fix this, but until then you should store your notes as separate files, back them up, and try not to run nvALT on more than 1 mac at the same time.

This will also happen in a couple of other scenarios:

  • Using a Dropbox-synced iOS app to create or edit notes when nvALT is open.

  • Auto creating notes using scripts or IFTTT

It’s a pain and I’m looking forward to it being fixed. But in the meantime you can restore the deleted files easily on Dropbox:

Show deleted files.

Restore the files.

Annoying to have to do this, but it’s nice that Dropbox gives you the option to undelete and revert back multiple revisions. Nothing like peace of mind.