RSS stats with FeedPress (Squarespace)

I’ve finally given up on Squarespace reintroducing RSS subscriber statistics. It’s been “coming any day now” for rather a long time.

I know that the RSS count isn’t perfect. Everyone knows it’s hard to gauge that accurately. But seriously. No stats at all? The only hint at RSS subscribers that I’ve got is a count in the “Popular Content” section called Blog (XML/MediaRSS), and that’s just mental: one day it won’t even show up, another it’ll be in the hundreds.

Anyway, sick of that, I finally decided to start using FeedPress, when Chris Gonzales wrote that he was using it with Squarespace. I suppose I’ll have more to say about FeedPress once I’ve had a chance to use it more.

The process for using Feedpress or FeedBurner1 with a Squarespace site isn’t too hard, but you’ll want to set up a redirect2 to your new FeedPress feed URL so that you can change it in the future if necessary without losing readers.

I have a link in the menu that lets readers subscribe to the RSS feed. That instantly redirected to my new FeedPress URL, which I didn’t want to do. I’d rather have people subscribe to my URL.

Here’s how to solve that: instead of

you want your link to be


Using feed:// instead of http:// seems to retain your redirect URL when subscribed to.

  1. Don’t do that! It’s dying! 

  2. I use feed:// to make sure that I can switch the feed if necessary. If you subscribe via RSS that’s the address to subscribe to!