Text import reminders to Omnifocus with nvremind

nvremind: Automatic reminders for nvALT - BrettTerpstra.com:

This tool will search for @remind() tags in the specified notes folder. It searches “.md”, “.txt” and “.taskpaper” files.

This is pretty great. This little script from Brett Terpstra gives you notifications of reminders it finds in your text files. It does that in a number of ways: it can email you reminders, give you mountain lion notifications, and as of this morning it’ll also create new Reminders.

As Brett notes this can be used as a slightly obtuse way to get reminders from your notes into Omnifocus, if you have Reminders syncing set up. One nice thing is that it fails gracefully: if you didn’t specify a reminder date it just makes it due now.

This will also be made easier (as you’re already doing this on a mac) if you’re using Daniel Jalkut’s RemindersImport

I can’t wait to start using this. It’s helpful to me in that it should hopefully cut out one part of my workflow: I always go through my notes after a meeting and pull out any tasks into Omnfocus. Now I can just tag them appropriately and run the script (which I’ve set up a keyboard shortcut for.)

It’ll be even smoother when Brett gets around to these next steps and allows for multiple reminders per file.

EDIT: That was fast:

Reminders on their own line with no other text will send the entire note as the reminder with the filename being the subject line. If a @reminder tag is on a line with other text, only that line will be used as the title and the content.