The Prompt

A new podcast arises — starring Stephen Hackett, Federico Viticci and Myke Hurley.

Welcome to The Prompt — 512 Pixels:

Each week, we’ll be looking at not only the news, but the ecosystem and culture around Apple and its products.

The real twist is what we do with guests. Instead of the three of us running around trying to cover everything, we’re building an army of correspondents.

I’ve got a lot of respect for each of these chaps — they’re smart guys and I enjoy their work on a daily basis. So subscribing to this was a no-brainer, despite how behind I am 1 on listening to podcasts. It’ll be fun to listen to a podcast with a diaspora of accents, too. Not that I have anything against Standard American.

If you subscribe to the 512 podcast then you’ll automatically start getting The Prompt when it debuts.

  1. Laughable concept, really, “behind” on entertainment.