Totally nuke deleted files with Hazel / Instacast syncing issue fix

I’m still loving Instacast for Mac, but I’ve noticed that it’s occasionally a bit weird with syncing between devices. I’m sure this is just an early stages bug, but as the syncing feature was one of the big selling points for me I was glad to find out a fix.

I first tried this tip from which tells you to put instacast3:///sync/reset into a browser on your Mac or iOS device.

This very well may have been what fixed the issue — I did it on both my iPhone and Mac — but the Instacast for Mac client then stopped downloading anything at all, sitting there with a brand new, empty library, no subscriptions. I found I also had to uninstall Instacast, including its setting files, and then reinstall it from scratch, signing back into my sync account. It then re-grabbed all the details from the cloud.

Use Hazel to totally remove applications

I accomplished the complete nuking of the app, including settings etc, using Hazel. Hazel comes with a built in function which scans the Trash for deleted applications, and then asks if you want to delete the settings as well:

There is a chance that you’ll need to enable this, and you can find the setting in Hazel preferences. It’s called “App sweep”: