Web based text editors: what's the point?

This morning Gabe Weatherhead posted a review of a new web-based text editor.

Wri.pe Web-based Markdown Editing:

Wri.pe is a new web-based Markdown editor.1 But, it’s more than just an editor. It’s more like a journaling system. It feels like it’s in the early stages but not in a bad way.

I really like how the project was born. The developer was just scratching an itch and came up with a nice thing to make available to everyone.

It looks good, and seems to work well.

Here’s the thing, though: why the sudden rash of web-based markdown editors? I’ve seen a few recently: Dillinger, Markable are just two of hundreds. They’re almost all just vague iterations of the original Markdown Dingus.

What am I not getting about this?

  • You’re editing in a browser?! I’m sure that can’t go wrong.

  • You need to sign in, oftentimes, if you want to use the thing as an actual editor. Wri.pe asks you for either Facebook or GitHub credentials. Urk.

  • There are markdown editors for every major platform that work faster and better and are easier integrated into your workflow.

I can (sort of) see a use case for them if you’re on someone else’s computer and you don’t want to install anything. Maybe. But I’m sure they already have some kind of text-editor installed, unless you’re working on a Speak & Spell. Hell, you could probably write in Markdown even on that.

Having said all that, if web-based text editors are your bag then, as far as I can see, Wri.pe looks good, so try it.

Before you try it, maybe you could let me know why!