Capture Away Thoughts For a Quick Reminder (Drafts / Keyboard Maestro)

If I’m working on something and I feel bogged down, or I just need a change of scene, sometimes I’ll step away from my computer for a while, to air out my mind. Often whilst I’m doing this I’ll think of a possible solution to try, or a new idea I want to develop. Something that I want to remember when I get back to my computer.

These thoughts are generally just slightly too specific, immediate or nebulous to put into Omnifocus. But if I don’t get them down somewhere I often forget them by the time I get back to whatever I was doing. I realized I needed something that would allow frictionless entry and would be the first thing to appear when my computer wakes up.

So I made this Keyboard Maestro1 macro / Drafts action combination. The workflow is simple:

  1. Type my thoughts into Drafts and they get appended to a text file in my Dropbox.

  2. When my Mac wakes Keyboard Maestro runs a macro that pops up all the text from that file and copies it to the clipboard. It then deletes that file so there’s a clean slate.

Import the Drafts action | Download the Keyboard Maestro macro

  1. This must be keyboard week or something