IFTTT iPhone app — automation in your pocket

I had the great privilege of testing the IFTTT app before it was officially released yesterday. I think it’s fantastic — a big step towards a much larger user base of the service.

As a long-time user of IFTTT on the web, I found the app was simple and straightforward. I actually prefer it over the web service for editing and creating new recipes. It’s not every day I find an iOS app that I’d rather use than the equivalent on my Mac. It’s clearly been designed with an eye towards iOS 7, as well, which it fits right into.

I have many of my own scripts and services running which do a lot of the lifting and moving that IFTTT is good at, and that’s fine. I actually like messing around with that stuff. 1 However, for anyone without much experience of automation or desire to delve deep into applescript, ruby, etc, IFTTT is a brilliant alternative. The ease of use and speediness of the new app will probably make me consider it first before any home-made solution.

IFTTT is an antidote to the prevalent trend of content-silos: walls erected around content. It bridges the gap, works well with most of the web services you might use, and lets you funnel your content where you want without you having to raise a finger.

If you’ve ever wished that you could automatically post photos to flickr or make sure your blog gets cross-posted to to Twitter, Facebook and App.net, or if you’re bored of writing your own code to accomplish something that’s already been done for you, then I’d recommend giving IFTTT a try.