Keyboard Maestro: Terrifyingly Capable

Inspired by Patrick Welker’s post today about creating and editing lists using Keyboard Maestro, I finally got around to trying it out. I’ve known of Keyboard Maestro’s existence for a long time but never got around to giving it a spin.

Wow. It’s pretty complex.

Keyboard Maestro is extremely difficult to sum up in one pithy sentence. It allows you to create macros to automate all sorts of things on your Mac… but that’s only really scratching the surface. You can automate mouse-clicks, keep clipboard history, resize images, the list goes on and on. My mind hasn’t been boggled like this since I figured out TextExpander could run shell scripts.

To start out with, I created a macro that takes me from staring at a page full of plaintext Markdown to a ready-to-submit post on Squarespace.

(If you’re a Squarespace user and you want to shave 5 seconds off your posting workflow, you can download this Macro here)

Here’s what the macro looks like:

I’ve also set up some macros which load or close applications whenever I connect to a specific WiFi — one for work and one for home, so far. I got that trick from Ben Brooks.

I’m not sure whether to thank Patrick for finally prompting me to start using this, or curse him for the hours I know I’m going to spend fiddling with it.

Should you get Keyboard Maestro? That’s a great question, and here’s my answer: