My Squarespace Wish-List

I love Squarespace. I liked ‘em even before they sponsored all my favorite podcasts.1 I feel comfortable recommending them to anyone, and I think if I went back to freelance web stuff I’d use them for most clients that wanted a website.

However, like most things I use a lot, I’ve built up a little wish-list of things that I really would love to see added. Here it is:


This is pretty near the top. I would kill to be able to use Mars Edit with Squarespace. Not only that, I can think of a bunch of different things I’d roll myself that could use a decent, robust API. The nearest thing to it that they provide is posting via email but it’s limited, so limited that it’s hardly worth using.

MultiMarkdown Support

This isn’t a real problem as I have a pretty simple workflow going using Marked, which lets you copy HTML to clipboard. But I do forget that I have footnotes occasionally, and then I post something that looks ugly and have to delete it immediately.

Working iOS Apps

The iOS apps aren’t dreadful, and I think they’ve improved since they first came out, but using them has burned me one too many times. They are pretty but entirely unpredictable. (I can relate.) I never know if a post is going to go up looking weird or disappear completely. The whole experience is jerky. I use them only for checking statistics, which is a nice segúe to my next wish:

RSS Statistics

Why these aren’t provided I have no idea. I’ve given up and switched to FeedPress. I’d switch back in a second if they re-implemented2 RSS stats.

Better Excerpts

Post excerpts are kinda crappy right now because you can’t use Markdown in them. I’d also like to see some kind of automatic excerpt that would provide a nice excerpted view without you having to edit the excerpt manually.

A Basic Template

I know there’s a developer mode, but for some reason it’s not available when you already have a site up. I just want a basic template that provides all of the available elements and lets me theme it comprehensively. I don’t like that some themes have no access to some post details, etc.

An Archive View

There’s no way to view all of your posts by title. Summary views are restricted to a maximum of 20, which means you can’t create a view that I’d love, something that looks like this.

These are really all I can think of — I think that says quite a lot about the quality of the service that Squarespace provide.

  1. I feel even better about giving them my money since they sponsor people I enjoy listening to but never give anything to unless they come out with a tshirt. 

  2. Yes, re-implemented, they used to have them.