Squarespace Wish-list addendum

Alex Duner wrote about why he isn’t using Squarespace and mentioned something that I forgot to include in my Squarespace Wish-List a couple of days ago:

The final straw for me was the lock-in that I felt using Squarespace. Just like with WordPress my data was all stored in some database somewhere and unlike WordPress even if I learned SQL, I still had no way to access it. The export feature that Squarespace has only works with WordPress and gives you this really ugly XML file that is unusable with almost any other CMS without heavy modification. I wanted out sooner rather than later so that any conversion would be as easy as possible. Squarespace gave me control over the look and feel of my website but it didn’t give me control over my content.

I haven’t seen this in a lot of places, and I’d love if more services gave you an option to export as Markdown. I wouldn’t be surprised if this became more prevalent. Personally, it’s not a deal-breaker, because all of my posts on this site start out as text files in nvALT anyway:

The dangerous thing about this is it perennially tempts me to switch to a static site — it’d be really easy. This aside, I don’t think it would be too hard to write an XML to Markdown converter, if one doesn’t exist already.

I’d never trust any web service (no matter how upstanding) as the sole keeper of my content, though.