The chilling aftermath of my iOS 7 beta 4 leaked screenshot

iOS 7 beta 4 leaked screenshot (@Horse_iOS, @marcoarment)

— Sid O’Neill (@sidoneill) July 10, 2013

When I threw together the above gag1 and posted it to Twitter I had no idea the flurry it would cause. In case you don’t get it, it references two things:

  • Apple changed the font in iOS 7 beta 3 to make it more legible.

  • A lot of people have complained about being confused by which direction to swipe on the lock screen.

Funny stuff, eh? I figured that it might give someone a momentary chuckle. A few people retweeted it, and Jamie Young continued the joke by posting it as a tongue in cheek fake news story on A number of people chortled, some guffawed.

A bizarre and giant section of those who saw it took it completely seriously. A number of those triumphantly proclaimed it to be a fake. Others got quite nasty.

There’s something about a combination of Apple, the internet, and a text box with a submit button that brings the numpty out in people. I was moderately troubled by how many people took it seriously and responded emotionally. I mean, this was a harmless joke.

There’s some pretty rough stuff on the internet. And people are taking it seriously. Yeesh.

If you want to keep faith in your fellow man, don’t ever read the comments.

  1. Honestly, it took me about 30 seconds.