What has it got in its pocketses?

Inspired by Seth Brown’s post Matryoshka Hardware, I decided to write up my own “EDC”. I’m fascinated by posts like these to the point of it becoming an obsession, and perhaps some of you are, as well. There’s a weird kind of fetishism surrounding gear like this, which I wholeheartedly participate in. For much more of the same check out the delightful everyday-carry.com.

1. Slim Slimmy Ultra Thin Front Pocket Wallet

I’ve tried various cheap slim wallets ever since I decided that carrying around a “butt-brick” was going to be seriously detrimental to my spine over the long haul. They all fell apart pretty quickly. In order to give you decent service a wallet has to be made to a high standard, due to all the wear and tear it suffers. The trade-off here is that you can’t carry more than a few cards and bills around with you, but I’ve found that caused me to clear a lot of the cruft out of my wallet (receipts, long-forgotten coffeeshop loyalty cards, etc). You really don’t need to walk around with nearly as much as you think you do.

[Amazon Link]

2. Gerber Ridge

Carrying a pocket knife is an extremely useful habit to cultivate. Nowadays you need to make sure that it’s short enough that you can carry it without getting into trouble. There are a lot of options out there which could paralyze a new knife buyer. I finally settled on the Ridge for the following reasons:

  • I like the shape of the blade. The point is useful to me for a lot of regular activities (I rarely skin deer at work, but I often open packages).

  • It’s small enough that it doesn’t say HEY EVERYONE I’VE GOT A KNIFE. It also fits comfortably in any pocket, and the clip comes in handy to keep it where you put it.

  • It’s cheap enough that I don’t feel like I have to be extremely careful with it. There are probably nicer knives out there, wonderful knives… that I’d leave at home for fear of losing or breaking.

[Amazon Link]

3. Fenix E01 Compact LED Flashlight

Surprisingly bright for such a small light. Waterproof, made of T6 grade aircraft aluminum. I don’t often use this, but when I do I’m really glad of it.

[Amazon Link]

4. Fisher Bullet Space Pen

This pen will withstand almost any environment and keep writing. Not only that it’s actually rather nice to write with: smooth ink-flow and comfortable in the hand. I never have to ask anyone for a pen. It could also function as a palm stick if you found yourself in some unlikely self-defense situation. You know, because you’d totally use it like that.

[Amazon Link]

5. Field Notes Expedition Edition Notebook

I carried pocket Moleskine notebooks for many years until I cottoned to the fact that I just wasn’t using them. Field Notes notebooks are great notebooks that I find I actually write in a lot more. They don’t have that “precious journal” feel to them. There are other benefits:

  • Waterproof, tear proof and hard-wearing. As you can probably guess from the picture.

  • There’s not hundreds of pages so you work your way through them faster and get to open a nice new one sooner. Also they aren’t as bulky in the pocket as most notebooks.

  • They have fun stuff written inside them.

I’ve found that the dot-grid is my preferred notebook background because it’s so flexible.

[Amazon Link]

Not pictured are the Jawbone UP and my iPhone 5, which both count as EDC items, I suppose.