Along For The Ride –

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Marco Arment, on the transitions in iOS 7:

These animations in iOS 7 feel like its designers are showing off their cool new abilities, and we’re just along for the ride. After sitting through all of these, day after day, it’s no longer impressive — it just feels needlessly, artificially slow.

Cut the animation durations in half.

I really liked these the first time I saw them. But now we’re this close to a general release I agree: they’re much too slow. Rather than smooth grace, the effect they generate is that of a phone too slow to keep up with the operating system. It feels like I’m using my 3G again, or a low-end Android phone.

This is a great example of something that needs to be done subtly in order to succeed. Something you should notice after 2 months with the phone: wow, that is a cool animation, I never noticed that before.

Not: oh, here we go again with the icons flying in.

Fun tip of the day: on a Mac, try holding down Shift when you’re minimizing a window or similar. Just like iOS 7!