Delight is in the Details

Speaking of books for creative folks, Shawn Blanc’s book Delight is in the Details is out today. But you already knew that, right?

It takes significant time and talent to bridge the gap between good design and great design. Many designers find themselves working with clients or bosses who would prefer to squeeze additional features into a product rather than taking the time to polish and refine what has already been done. Moreover, what can a designer do when they have the desire and willpower to make a great product but they lack the talent?

Delight is in the Details addresses these challenges.

Attention to detail is something that’s universally seen as important. Have you ever had an interview where the words “attention to detail” didn’t pop up at least once?

The thing is that just paying attention to the details is rarely healthy — in fact I think it can stifle design if you do it wrong. I’ve been developing a more holistic, measured understanding of detail-orientation, recently, and it’s something that I’ve been pondering for months. So I’m really looking forward to delving into this book!

You can pick up just the ebook for $20, or a bundle that includes the book in audio format and some related interviews on the same topic for $29.