Feed Wrangler, now with Regex!

My feed catcher of choice,1 Feed Wrangler, just got a sweet update that allows you to filter feeds based on regular expressions.

(Here’s my review of Feed Wrangler, and why I picked it.)

One of the most attractive features of this particular client/syncing service has always been its built in filtering ability which allows you to subscribe to a large number of feeds but only read the kind of things you’re interested in from them. It just got a whole lot better:

Feed Wrangler filters:

Regular Expressions: Regular Expressions let you create more complicated search criteria that leverage conditional and grouping operators. Feed Wrangler supports the AND, OR and NOT operators. If you want to match an entire phrase please wrap it with quotation marks(“).

For example, to filter out any articles that mention donuts, french fries but don’t mention ice cream you would enter:

(donuts OR "french fries") AND NOT "ice cream"

  1. What the heck is the correct term for them? I always fumble between RSS client and Feed-something.