Kara Swisher’s Open Letter to Jeff Bezos

Open Letter to Jeff Bezos From ex-Washington Post Staffer Kara Swisher:

I also don’t get why content at big newspapers remains differentiated as a “blog,” over a column or a news story. It’s all really a blog now, and not really, too, although at most newspapers, the word is used in a dismissive way or as a trash dump for lesser stories.

You can stop this by insisting to the staff and everyone else that it’s all one living, breathing news organization, and not a bunch of parts stuck together for convenience.

This is exactly what I was getting at (somewhat less pithily) in The Word Blog is a Terrible Word. All these little boundaries (blog/print etc) are fast becoming more and more artificial. Not only are they irrelevancies, they’re stifling the essential free flow of “content”, and no one who does that is going to be able to compete in today’s connected world for very long.