Location Aware Omnifocus to Status Board using Keyboard Maestro

A while ago I shared my script to get Omnifocus perspectives onto Status Board, which is really just a modified version of Nick Wynja’s version.

This is an extension of that effort that allows me to do one important thing: automatically display a different perspective based on where I am. I use Status Board in two locations: home and work, and I don’t really want to see work actions at home.

Here’s what’s new about the updated workflow:

  • When I’m at home it outputs my “Life Available” perspective to Status Board.

  • When I’m at work it outputs my “Work Available” perspective to Status Board.

  • It only runs if Omnifocus is not the top application to make sure that it doesn’t switch perspectives on you when you’re actually using it.

To get this working you just need to make sure that you have one script for each perspective, all outputting to the same file. Then trigger them based on what WiFi network you’re on using Keyboard Maestro, as below.