Capitulating on Clear

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Over the last week, we’ve received a lot of very passionate feedback about Clear for iPhone and the launch of Clear for iOS 7. The name was slightly confusing, as Clear for iPhone also works on iOS 7 - and we didn’t make enough emphasis that Clear for iOS 7 was a new app because we’d built it for iPad for the first time.

After having chatted amongst the team at great length, and given the (shall we say) emotional response from the folks who use Clear for iPhone, we’re changing plan slightly.

I get why they did this but it’s bad for two reasons:

  • It reinforces the widely held belief that updates aren’t worth money, and developers can live on air

  • It reinforces the belief that enough people giving crappy 1-star reviews of good products can effect change

Seriously. Like Marco said:

Upset about @realmacsoftware asking for another 3 dollars for a big update to Clear and going universal?

You should be ashamed of yourself.