Dropbox Opens Your Files

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Ben Brooks, on some behind the scenes Dropbox weirdness:

So, in light of all of this, as of 10:54pm PT I cancelled my Dropbox account. I didn’t just stop using it this time, I deleted it.

I highly suggest you either get rid of your Dropbox account or encrypt every file on it that you wouldn’t want getting leaked into the public domain.

Ben has written about some alternatives to Dropbox. None of them are particularly appealing, to be honest — especially for the average person. Not to mention the fact that Dropbox is such an essential part of so many services and apps that I use.

So here’s the choice: uncertainty about your data privacy vs extreme inconvenience. I doubt many people will choose the latter. I know I won’t, for now. It’s a gamble and a compromise I’m still willing to make.

I don’t have to feel good about it, though.