Ev's plan for the future of media

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TechCrunch talks to Evan Williams about his new platform:

At Medium, there’s no need to register a website, sift through a mountain of design options, and re-organize your schedule for the habit of blogging. You just write. “If it’s on a whim, that whim is killed the moment you’re forced to find a unique sub domain and find a template,” explains Williams.

That’s right, without the need for all that inconvenient practice, ideas will just leak from your brain into Medium and appear as a well-written, worthwhile piece.

“Everyone has a story or insight that is worth repeating and they just don’t have the venue to get it heard,” adds former Wired.com Editor Evan Hansen […] Medium wants to be the platform for everyone’s one truly viral idea.

Any professional writer has encountered this awful trope at some point. In fact it’s present in many fields: movie making, website design, and video game production are some others. “I have this great idea for a book,” gushes some mooncalf at a party, “all I need to do is find the time to sit down and write it!”

Except it doesn’t work like that. Not everyone has a brilliant idea nestled inside them like a delicate egg, just waiting for its chance to hatch. Even if they do have a good idea, the gulf between an idea and a great finished product contains a metric crapton of practice, failure and hard work.

It’s an annoying, all-too-prevalent fallacy, but it looks like Medium is building an entire business on top of it. In the process I think they’re doing the very craft they claim to promote — writing — a deep disservice.