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I was delighted to find that the Flying Dog Brewery is local. The labels are designed by Ralph Steadman, Hunter S. Thompson wrote an essay for the launch of one of their ales. OK, I am a sucker for great marketing, but the Snake Dog IPA — the one I’ve tried — was exceedingly tasty. I’m looking forward to trying the rest.

Ale According to Hunter:

Ale has long been the drink of thugs, convicts, rowdies, rakes and other depraved outlaws who thrive on the quick bursts of night-energy that ale brings. In the 17th century England gangs of ale-crazed fops would often fight to the death in all-night brawls on public greenswards, which terrified the citizenry and left many of the infamous “youngblood horseman” chopped up with grievous sword and dagger wounds… These were the Wild Boys of Olde English story and song, rich sots on horseback who amused themselves in London by riding out at night, ripped to the tits on strong ale, and “popped old ladies into empty booze-barrels and rolled them down steep, cobblestone hills with crazy screams and shouts.” If you must roll old ladies down hills and you don’t want to pay the bills, try to be nice and clean off their lice with a powerful Road Dog Ale.