Never used 1Password? It's a great time to start.

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From the Agile Bits blog:

We need you and these soon-to-be 1Password users you know to give us feedback specifically on our first-run experience. In return, we’ll give a 1Password t-shirt you see us wearing at the top of our blog to 20 people who send us the best feedback documenting their experience, or to those who get a friend or family member involved.

I swear by 1Password. It’s one of those services that you won’t ever stop using once you start. This is a great time to try it out for free, whilst they iron out some of the kinks in the brilliant soon-to-be-released version. If you’ve never used 1Password then this is a great chance to try it out for free, and maybe win a t-shirt.

Need an example of what 1Password is great for? You know those “security questions” that a lot of sites use to help you reset your password? They’re incredibly insecure and easily worked out by hackers. You can eliminate this potentially awful loophole by using 1Password to save your security question responses as something like 6nwbdzNFXYe9eT. No-one is going to guess that’s the name of the street you grew up on.

1Password is available on iOS and OS X.