Omnifocus 2 for iPhone Perspectives

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Jeff Hunsberger:

My workflow has come to rely on the Forecast, a custom “Today” perspective, my “Work” and “Home” perspectives and a “Next Stuff for Work” perspective. They took center stage in the previous app but now I have to scroll to see them. It’s awkward. In the previous app, the fact that the perspectives were front and center reminded me to check them. Now, tucked away behind the bottom of my iPhone screen, I’ve found they get checked far less often. Perspectives are the most powerful feature in OmniFocus and minimizing their relevance in your flagship app is going to cause powerusers some major headaches.

There are a lot of differences about the new iOS 7 Omnifocus for iPhone. I still haven’t figured out which of the new differences I’ve yet to get used to, and which are actually negatives.

Apart from the way perspectives are displayed. This seems like a particularly opinionated design choice, and I don’t like it. I use my own perspectives a lot more than the default ones.

I’d be disappointed if this was indicative of a new design trend for Omnifocus, but I’m hopeful it isn’t.